About us

CHANGAN aims provide high quality products and service to the customers to fulfil its mission of “to pioneer auto culture and benefit human life” and strive towards its ambitious vision of “building the world's leading automobile enterprise”.

CHANGAN Automobile has an enriching history of 158 years (Est. 1862), 62 years of automobile making and 36 years’ experience of manufacturing CHANAGN vehicles. It has 15 production bases in 8 countries and 35 vehicle and engine plants globally. With 6,000 sales and service facilities in more than 60 countries, and more than 150,000 professional team members globally, we stand ready to provide our customers considerate and prompt service 24 hours a day. Each day, more than 8500 consumers buys a new CHANGAN vehicle and in 2020, CHANGAN-branded vehicle users exceeded 19 million which was a new milestone for the company.

CHANGAN drives the world –
makes tomorrow even better!

In the Chinese language, CHANG means lasting and AN means safety. Therefore, CHANG AN together represents the idea of “Lasting Safety”. We sincerely hope that Changan will bring you both safety and happiness